We are Both a School and a Movement,

Changing the Last 10 Years of Life for Alzheimer’s Patients.

Founded by Bay Area activist-musician Lior Tsarfaty, Village Song uses the universal power of music to make a difference in the lives of Alzheimer’s patients. We’re a both a movement and a school.

In a world that judges everyone by what they do, our elders so often go unacknowledged, and elders with Alzheimer’s are all but forgotten. Our goal is to change the last 10 years of life for the most ignored people in our culture. And nearly 30 years of science confirms that it’s music that can help us make that change.

By sharing the power of music and community, the therapists and musicians applying our participatory method to their work are creating a transformational paradigm. Join us. Use your skills and talent to lift up the lives of thousands of elders. Your own life will feel more purposeful, more meaningful.

To understand more about the movement, watch the short documentary, This Is A Place, that documents the Village Song journey.

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“Lior’s suitcase does a lot of magic each week, thank you.”

Joe Voytek


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