Village Song—We’re a School and a Movement

Our Mission

From the start, our mission has been twofold: to use the universal power of music to better the lives of Alzheimer’s patients and to offer musicians and therapists a sustainable way to enrich their careers while extending our reach.

The First Participatory Music Program for Alzheimer’s Patients

Village Song was founded by Bay Area musician Lior Tsarfaty. Lior was one of the first musicians to make music with Alzheimer’s communities, not for them. After consulting with memory care therapists and other musicians, in 2012, Lior brought Village Song to a local memory care facility with wonderful success. Five years later, unable to meet the ever-growing demand for the program, he founded Village Song School so he could share his method with therapists and other musicians.

For a taste of what this work is like, watch the short documentary, This Is A Place, that documents the Village Song journey.

“You can’t help but be touched by the transformative powers of music and the sense of community that transpires when Village Song is here. Seeing the circle of smiles on the faces of our residents says everything.”

Karen Smith

Assistant Director of Programs, Piedmont Gardens

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