Tap into Your Creative Side

Deepen Your Therapy Practice

There are some parts of the human spirit that talking and storytelling can’t unlock. That’s where music, dance and drumming come in. Learning the Village Song Method will rekindle your creative side. It will renew your appreciation of music and deepen your connection with all beings. Think of it as a bridge between your current practice and an even more healing one that uses the power of music to release the hidden vitality of Alzheimer’s communities.

Village Song is an opportunity to contribute to the human community on a larger scale, reaching not just one but 15 to 40 people in a session. We’re convinced that music touches the human psyche in ways that words can’t. Science confirms this, and the possibilities with Alzheimer’s patients are just beginning to be discovered.

For a taste of what this work is like, watch the short documentary, This Is A Place, that documents the Village Song journey.

As a teacher, Lior invites students to experience the compassion and healing inherent in music and gives them a palpable sense of the human community beneath our struggles and differences. 

Rob Fisher, MFT

Hakomi Trainer, Hakomi Institute of California

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