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Let Your Love of Music Transform People’s Lives

What Village Song offers is hard to find—a path to a rewarding career in music that inspires community in those who need it most—memory care patients. If you’re ready to use your music to touch people living with one of humankind’s toughest illnesses, come learn with us. You’ll soon be living your dream and leading a movement, reaching 15 to 40 Alzheimer’s patients at a time and doing what you love to do—playing music.

As far as we can see into the future, there will be opportunities for Village Song practitioners. As one of the first credentialed practitioners, you’ll be a master in the field, opening up possibilities for other musicians by taking this important work to Alzheimer’s communities we’ve yet to reach.

For a taste of what this work is like, watch the short documentary, This Is A Place, that documents the Village Song journey.

Lior Tsarfaty’s work, using music as a tool of transformation for Alzheimer’s patients, is authentic, timely and original. I highly recommend the Village Song training for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of music as a path to wholeness and healing or support a career in the field.

Jennifer Berezan

Bay Area Musician, edgeofwonder.com

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